Access and Security System - CCTV,
Alarms and Door Entry

One of the current major services propelling the smart home into mainstream market at the moment is home security.

Security is an important aspect to consider and remote access to digital CCTV cameras can be achieved using networking integration through various interface devices such as Apps, TV and Computer.

Paul will discuss with you what kind of system you need that fits in with your lifestyle and design a system that encompasses all the features you require, so as to link and work seamlessly together by triggering irregularities in the secure network.

These Can Include

  • CCTV
  • Alarms and Monitored Systems
  • Automatic Gates and Barriers
  • Smoke and Heat Alarms
  • Blinds go up/down
  • Lighting
  • Biometrics Door Entry and Remote Door Locking
  • Motion Detectors
  • Early Warning Water Leak Detectors, preventing flooding and household disasters

Intruder alarms and gate entry systems can be integrated into the system to create simple control such as number plate recognition to enable gates and garage doors to automatically open on your approach.

With digital zoom, high tech HD 4K cameras such as Hikvision, Lilin and Elan can be viewed in detail without loss of quality through pixelation that will support any police investigations. There are a variety of cameras and solutions to meet all budgets.

There are multiple ways we can provide protection to you and your property.

These Can Include

Intrusion Detection Line Crossing are invisible lines that we can set up so that when a line on your property is crossed, we can arrange for an audible noise to be made or an alert on your phone to warn you.

When an alarm is activated, in addition to an alarm sounding, lights can strobe.

We can make arrangements to have your alarm managed by a dedicated company.

Whilst away from home, lights can automatically replicate you normal regular movements.

In the case of a fire, lighting can guide you out of the building.

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