Lighting is so important in our home
and business environment.

A control system programmed to your personal requirements allows you to manage light effectively through clearly labelled scenes, all at the touch of a button on either your phone, keypad, tablet or even by voice activation or facial recognition.

Paul will design a system that suits your lifestyle giving you flexibility to easily change scenes at any time as you wish.

Where possible, getting us involved at an early stage enables us to provide a wired system but we can retro fit a wireless system if that is the only option.

Using systems such as Elan, C-bus, Control 4, Rako and Lutron we can make life easier and create the perfect environment, especially useful in multi functional spaces. Aside of the obvious practicalities, light impacts on how a space feels and how it is defined.

Lighting Control needs to be creative and allow for relaxation, provide security and be energy efficient. It can provide an ideal environment to increase creativity and productivity, have the ability to dim light levels, subtlety highlight artwork and specific areas and provide task lighting for cooking and working. It should be welcoming and enhance our lives.

We can provide a stand alone lighting design service with CAD drawings and visual illustrations for you to use with other professional services or we can source and fit light fittings for you.

Alternatively, we can design a system that gives you the ability to control the entire area of the house and grounds, one that integrates lighting with your security system. Daylight sensors can save money, increase security and have the convenience of automatically providing light without the need for you to touch a switch – we can even give you the ability to control lights when you’re on the other side of the world or devise a programme that can be activated to replicate your normal behaviour whilst you are away from home.

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