What is Home Automation and
how it works.

Home Automation is the ability to control and integrate just about everything in our homes and workplace by connecting them all together on an effective networking system enabling them to “talk” to each other all at the touch of a button. It enhances our living experience, gives simplicity, convenience and control and can save money and add value and saleability to the property. Smart Homes are quickly becoming part of our everyday lives.

Take Control of

  • Lighting Control and Design
  • Home Cinema
  • Multi Room Audio and Visual Systems – TV and streaming Music
  • Networking and Data Solutions
  • Heating and Cooling Systems
  • Access and Security Systems -Cameras, Intercom, Door Entry and Gates
  • Blinds and Curtains
  • Swimming Pools, Irrigation Systems
  • Appliances e.g. Cookers and fridges
  • Exterior – Lighting and Entertainment

The control of these systems can be done by dedicated devices such as touch screens and pads, remote controls or via a single App on a smart phone or tablet. It can also be voice activated using products such as Amazon, Alexa, Google and Siri. Now with new technology you can even have control systems that use facial recognition. The choice is yours.

We understand this might all seem frightening and quite complex but we work with you to provide a simple seamless system. Don’t avoid technology because you don’t understand it. It’s there to make life easier not more complicated!

When leaving the house be able to turn off all lights at the flick of one switch and likewise come back to a welcoming home. Be able to control your home whilst away by monitoring cameras, lighting and heating.

Have the ability to watch any channel on the TV or listen to music in any room without multiple appliances and visible wires. One button can automatically create atmosphere by adjusting the lighting to different moods and scenes; whether you want to go straight into party mode, relax for the evening, cook in the kitchen or settle down to watch a movie and have the lights automatically slowly dim, curtains close as the film starts.

Each project we undertake is individually designed to meet your personal lifestyle and budget. You can choose to control individual rooms or entire homes or offices.

The initial stage of your build is the optimal time to consider wiring and connectivity and to discreetly design your space for the future.

Home Automation is there to enhance your life and living space, so embrace it and enjoy it!
It’s not just a product, it’s an experience!

Live it - Feel it - Use it

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