Networking and Data Solutions

We are all heavily reliant on the internet and Wifi and ideally need it to work seamlessly from one room to another without any drop in signal to phones, tablets and user mobility
Networking enables devices to communicate centrally or by Wifi

A wired system is the backbone of all good networks.
Wireless network extenders are available to distribute a network where installing cables are not practical or cant be done without damaging existing decor.

We can build a managed Wifi solution with multiple access points that is controlled centrally which works very efficiently and has many advantages especially on larger houses or where properties are old with thicker walls, and new builds that have lots of foil backed insulation all of which cause interference and disruption to Wifi signals. It also enables electrical appliances to be logged and controlled individually – useful if wanting to limit use on any particular area such as children’s usage.

We use mapping software to identify Wifi black-spots which enable us to identify the optimum location of access points around the property and maximise effectiveness and reliability.

With efficient networking system, you are able to stream movies, games and music.

To ensure digital security is not compromised, we ensure all networking is password protected.

Working from home requires reliable connectivity, so we can ensure all your devices such as computers, phones, tablets, printers and iCloud are all connected to a reliable linked network by a main centralised connection with multiple access points.

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