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What is Home Automation and
how it works

Home Automation is the ability to control and integrate just about everything in our homes and workplace by connecting them all together on an effective networking system enabling them to “talk” to each other all at the touch of a button. It enhances our living experience, gives simplicity, convenience and control, saving money whilst adding value and saleability of the property. Smart Homes are quickly becoming part of our everyday lives.  Read more >

Professional planning & installation

Getting us involved in the project as early as possible helps us support you in a smooth building process and seamless experience.

We can advise on the correct cable requirements and incorporate any necessary adjustments to the building to save time, mess and money later. It is best these are installed at the initial stage of the project as this is the optimum time for wiring for connectivity and discreet integration as a wired system is the quickest and most reliable way. However, wireless solution are available if necessary. Read more >

Completed Projects